Ubuntu Installer

March 2, 2012

So, this is just a rant but I’m sure others have felt my pain and hopefully someone in the loop can provide feedback or a fix. I am putting a fresh 11.10 install on my laptop. For some reason I check the boxes to install updates and third party software. Now I am waiting forever for said software and updates to download because the installer pulls from the extremely slow main server.

My thinking is, why is there no option to check for a closer, faster server (like the option in software sources)? I have glanced over the source for ubiquity and other relevant code and it seems to be easy enough to implement. Is there some reason among the higher ups to keep such a feature out, or is it a case that  no developer has taken the case? I would be happy to hack something out to address the issue (assuming this install ever completes :-P), but I would appreciate some feedback before I put in too much work :)

Just in case this post is riddled with typos, I’m on my TouchPad and I suck at using touchscreen keypads :-P  


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